Ticks Remover Tool - 4pcs set

  • Ticks can be a pain in the ass. Thankfully for this Ticks Removal Tool, the process became a breeze!

    Comes in 2 sizes. 2pcs of each size.
    Select appropriate hook for size of tick to be removed from the two hooks provided in the pack.
    Choose the right size hook for the size of the tick.
    Hook on to tick and twist to remove ticks easily.
    Comes in a resealable bag. Essential item for pet owners.

    How do I remove ticks?
    Your main aims are to remove the tick promptly, to remove all parts of the tick's body and to prevent it releasing additional saliva or regurgitating its stomach contents into your bite wound.
    DO start by cleansing the tweezers/tool with antiseptic lotion/cream. After tick removal, cleanse the bite site and the tool with antiseptic lotion/cream.
    DO wash your hands thoroughly.
    DO NOT squeeze the body of the tick, as this may cause the head and body to separate, leaving the head embedded in your skin.
    DO NOT use your fingernails to remove a tick. Infection can enter via any breaks in your skin, e.g. close to the fingernail.
    DO NOT crush the tick's body, as this may cause it to regurgitate its infected contents into the bite wound.
    DO NOT try to burn the tick off, apply petroleum jelly, nail polish or any other chemical. 

    Type: Pets

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