Starry Constellation Rotating LED Nightlight Projector

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    Product Details

    Introducing our brand new Starry Skies LED Nightlight Projector! 

    This projector comes in 3 different colors, with 3 adjustable modes, so you can mix and match for the perfect experience! This Projector is the perfect item for bringing the cosmos, straight into the comfort of your own house! This Nighlight also functions as a completely ordinary Nightlight, but when the lid is removed... You'll experience something absolutely incredible!

    Product Features

    • Endless Adjustable Modes! - The Projector comes with 3 buttons on the back for adjusting the different modes:
      • Button A controls the Projectors built-in warm light, for use as a standard nightlight! 
      • Button B cycles through 9 different color options for your projector light!
      • Button C controls the rotation of the nightlight, which you can turn either on or off!
    • Comes In A Lovely Modern Design! - Our Nightlight Projector is designed in a modern way, and comes in 3 different colors; Pink, Purple and Blue with a mix of white. It will fit into any room!
    • Different Power Options! - The Nightlight Projector comes with a USB Cable included so you can power it through and outlet. However, it can also run on 4 x AAA Batteries (not included).

    Package Includes

    • 1 Starry Skies LED Nightlight Projector
    • 1 USB Cable (Also can run on 4 x AAA Batteries)
    • 1 User Manual

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    Rest of the World: Estimated Delivery Time: 10 - 20 working days
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