Cute Pikachu Socks

  • Pikachu is curious, smart and friendly, but a group of Pikachu can build and cause lightning storms! Ash found Pikachu under the floorboards of his home, chewing on wires to eat the electricity. Little did he know, Pikachu releases electric charges from its tail!  

    Maybe Ash had his Pikachu socks on to keep himself safe from those electric charge! That's why Pikachu is Ash's best friend forever (BFF)! The low-cut style means you can always keep your trainer identity a secret!

    Take a leaf from Ash and keep yourself protected with these 8 different pairs: Pikachu Monogram, Shy Pikachu, Black Pika Pika, White Pika Pika, Pikachu Pokeball, PokeHearts, also available in Pokeball & Eevee designs.

    • Size: One Size
    • Gender: Unisex
    • Material: Polyester; very comfortable and stretchable
    • Dimensions: Length lay flat: 19cm, Width at foot lay flat: 8cm, Ankle circumference: 14cm 

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    Type: Accessories

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