4 Colors Creative Liquid Syringe Pen

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Let's play pretend! When you were young, have you thought of becoming a nurse or doctor when you grow up? Now that you've grown up but your childhood dream didn't come true huh. Now, who say we can't play pretend when we are older!

Let your imagination run wild with this Creative Liquid Syringe Pen! Bring it to the office and show it off infront of your colleagues or buy it for your kids and have them running back to you "Mummy mummy! All my classmates are asking me where did I get such cool pens!"

  • Black and Blue ink ballpoint pen (send at random)
  • Liquid filled, click-action
  • Refillable! Just unscrew the bottom, put in a re-fill and you are set
  • Material: Plastic
  • Liquid color: Green/Red/Yellow/Blue
  • Comes in 4pcs/pack