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2016 Christmas Gift Ideas for $50 or less!

Christmas is coming, and it's coming real soon. We know how it is like being under the gun when friends around you are continually posting the countdown to Christmas posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (yea, you name it, you got it!). The stress is real! Fret not! We've got you covered below:

#1 - For Cat Lovers

Cute Cat LED Multicolor Night Lamp - $18.90 (U.P. $39.90)

It's the best invention for LED night lamps. This is by far the CUTEST, the BEST, the MOST AMAZING table lamps of all time! Everyone needs a small table lamp by the bed. It's perfect for book reading with the white light on, or change it to multicolor light to suit your mood while listening the music on Spotify. Or use this to coax your children to sleep. It's suitable for story telling, little bonding time with this cute cat night lamp. What's best! Once charged, it can be the best light companion for full 12 hours! 

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#2 - For the tech geeky pal

Vintage Art Painting iPhone 7 Covers - $25.95

For that tech geek pal out there who recently secured the new Apple's iPhone 7. Send some love by protecting his/her phone well (even though it's waterproof, but it is still iPhone 7) with these iPhone 7 compatible phone covers. It is soft and flexible so don't worry about scratching your precious iPhone with hard poor quality casings! This beautiful phone casing designs are inspired from famous paintings by Vincent Van Gogh and Leonid Afremov. Choose designs from Van Gogh Starry Night, Cafe Terrace at Night, Almond Blossom, and his impeccably famous Sunflowers, and Leonid Afremov's Melody of the Night, Dance under the Rain, and Autumn Leaves. Get the design that best expressed him/her the most. 

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#3 - Pokemon Lovers must-buy!

Pikachu Socks - $9.80

Pikachu Socks! Who would have thought Pokemon will on the world again and no more Santa Socks. Let's admit, it's the biggest craze right now and with rumours of version 2 update coming, this augmented reality (AR) game is here to stay. Mom, can I hang these Pikachu socks instead of the santa sock? PS: Dear Santa, please drop me the Pokestop address to catch Mewtwo, Mr. Mine, Slowking and......

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#4 - For your girlfriend

Designer Inspired Stacked Rings Set - $29.90 for 8 rings

Your girlfriend will praise you for your good fashion taste! Every girl needs accessories! Believe it or not, even if she tells you she doesn't usually wear rings! This set of stacked rings is designer-inspired and it is perfect for any date. The rings can be worn alone, in single pieces, or in full set, and even with her other ring designs! Also very suitable for stacking bracelets. 

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#5 - For your boyfriend

Creative Human Bone Pens Set - $8.99 for 5 pens

Get him this cool and creative bone pens. Got some nerve? Bring it on with the human bones pens! Shed some blood writing that loveeeee letter and show some love. Or get him to write all of his messages, notes, memos, and lists with these bone pens. It's the perfect pen for medical professionals, doctors, nurses, or a friend that's healing from a broken bone. Make no bones about that!

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#6 - For your mom 

Kitchen Cooking Egg/Pancake Silicone Mould - $6.90

Start your day right with a lovely breakfast is a brand new good beginning. Posting it and having like by all your friends = BONUS! Get this for your mom and she'll whip up master chef worthy looking dishes for you. Cute and sweet. Also perfect for new moms with small children and coaxing them to eat eggs. This is sure to whip up their appetite! 

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#7 - For your dad

Novelty Christmas Canvas Drawstring Bag - $17.90

Take the load off your dad and get him these drawstring bags. He can stuff anything in or get a handful of them to give out to his co workers in office. He will appreciate and thank you for making him cool and smart! Otherwise, instead of the usual gift box, pack your gift in this creative canvas drawstring bag and surprise your loved ones to make them smile this joyous occasion!

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#8 - For your sister

Ice Cream Cone LED Lamp - $12.90

For your sister with the sweet tooth, this ice cream cone LED lamp will not give her tooth decays I promise! This cute ice cream night light gives a warm soft glow to her bedroom. No messy wires, no electricity. Fuss free and interesting gifts. Only you will know best!

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#9 - For your brother

Beauty Up Your Life Pebble Stones - $24.90

Fascinate your little brother with these GLOW IN THE DARK pebble stones! Decorate your garden, backyard and perk him up with these stones. 

Also perfect for proposals, surprise your girlfriend, or do up a little decor for your wedding. Your friend is sure to ask u where you get these stones! 

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#10 - For your pet!

Pet Chewy Squeaky Toy - $9.90

In this festive season, don't forget your best friend. Give your pet a new toy that squeaks! Keep your pet occupied while you have to entertain your guest. No more worrying about that toppled glasses! Coolzzzz!

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